87562856a6e511e38e280a4ccf08778e_8Torn jeans and pretty nails are always a good idea.

0a738a2aa7ff11e3a0d012d37dc11815_8Weekends are for friends and margs.

835932e89bff11e3afcd12e97d8137d8_8Happiness is a warm puppy.


1bef6b3c914011e3abd212eddce84025_8Note to self: check glove to make sure the tip isn’t missing before dying your hair blue. #fail

60c5244ca21e11e3874612e79814bf9e_8Headband braids for brunch with my girls!

c51fb72ca40811e39b8c12e1ca8d9d0e_8Mani of the week! (plus a cute ice cream cone)

93991a94a70611e382c712efd74fe0f6_8From now on, I’m blaming everything I do on my gym. EVERYTHING.

e1dcd1c498cd11e3a52b12ea8db8b0b3_8A little @commedesgarconsofficial inspiration on my desktop.

2bdb31fca4e611e3a59e127b7c11055b_8Love the packaging of these fragrances @stellamccartney.


Be happy! My mantra for 2014.

b8dffe489e8d11e390ee0e592baf347b_8Korean food is good for my soul.

b9f7515e991611e3bc0512cf84830b09_8My attempt at some nail art!

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