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at your athleisure

With more and more women getting their fitness on, it’s safe to say that athleisure isn’t going anywhere. If you’re like me and workout a ton, you need outfits to match your sweat sessions. The reality is, though, that buying pieces from Bandier, Outdoor Voices and lululemon is going to cost you a pretty penny. I’ll tell you right now, I’ve… Read more →

brand spankin’ new

Blank Denim Distressed Jeans in Vodka Diet (best. name. ever.) Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt My brother says that I’m the hardest person to shop for. His theory is that if he goes into a store and picks out the weirdest thing there, chances are that I’ll love it. And he’s right! That being said, I know that I’m really picky… Read more →

all black (friday) everything

My Thanksgiving look: Haute Hippie blazer, Forever 21 t-shirt, rag & bone Preston jeans For me, on Thanksgiving, there’s nothing better than seeing my family, breaking diets and taking time to be grateful for everything I have. This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner by candlelight because of a power outage in the neighborhood. It definitely made for a memorable evening! So,… Read more →

workin’ on my fitness

I work out about five times a week. It’s been my saving grace when trying to deal with an extremely stressful job and has helped me to stay active and fit. And while I would love to be head-to-toe in the latest lululemon trends, it’s just not financially nor practically feasible. Since most of my workout wear ends up sweaty… Read more →

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