What is a pixie wizard?

A pixie wizard is anyone who believes that normal is boring. She/he is not afraid to express her/his personality through clothing, accessories and hair color. 🙂

How did you come up with the name, the pixie wizard?

I will save that for another day. But it’s a good story!

Who takes your pictures?

When I’m in Chicago, my brother takes my pictures for me. Check out his awesome Flickr page here. Here in New York, I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends who take pictures for me. One friend in particular, Gena, takes most of my pictures for me. (Check out her amazing band here.)

What kind of camera do you use?

My wonderful family bought me a  Sony NEX-5R for Christmas! Before that, I was using a little digital camera. I use my iPhone 4 for Instagram picutres.

How long does a photoshoot usually take?

Surprisingly, the shoots take only a few minutes. My friend Gena and I have gotten it down to a science.

How do you put an outfit together?

I live by the acronym DMS. Okay I lied, I just made that up. But it works!

Destination: Know your role. Or, more specifically, know where you’re going. Keep that in mind when getting dressed. I won’t wear a prom dress to the gym (or would I?) and I wouldn’t wear sweats to brunch with the girls.

Mood: Most often I dress depending on how I’m feeling. When I am a little down, I usually gravitate towards the neon items in my closet. It’s amazing how an outfit can change your whole mood. Seriously. Try it.

Schedule: If I know I will be out and about the whole day, I will probably throw on a comfortable outfit and add my yellow sneaker wedges. Living in New York, it’s all about comfort.

What are your favorite shops?

Forever 21 (obviously), Brandy Melville, Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Free People, LF and Bloomingdale’s. Online shops: Shopbop, Nasty Gal and Planet Blue.

How can you deal with the craziness of Forever 21?

My advice? Make a mental map. Since there are so many locations, find one that is most convenient for you. Mine is the one in Union Square, NYC. Go on a Saturday or Sunday morning, right when they open. This will guarantee that you can shop stress-free and everything will be in stock. The more you visit one particular location, the more you will know the different departments (accessories, shoes, casual wear, party dresses, workout gear, etc.).

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