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I was shopping at Sephora the other day (I swear, that place is like Target. I can’t walk out without buying a new lipstick to add to my ever-growing collection of hot pinks.). As I was checking out, I was told about a new way to use rewards points. If you have 2500 points, you are eligible to use those points toward a $100 gift card at Sephora. Umm… excuse me? That is a better perk than any three drops of foundation or swipe of lip gloss you could get as a free gift.

Lucky for me, I had about 2700 points to use. I rarely find anything I want to use the points on, and since they don’t expire, I had accumulated a ton over the years. If I’m being honest, I also have spent way too much money there, which is probably what catapulted me to Rouge status. And now I feel the pressure to keep it up. I know, first-world problems.

Here’s the thing… you have to have Rouge status, and you have to be quick on the uptake. Rewards drop every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am, PST. If you’re able to get it, you have three months to use the $100 and it must be a one-time purchase.

If you want more information on Sephora’s updated Beauty Insider Program, read this article: https://www.allure.com/story/sephora-beauty-insider-program-upgrade.

I’m curious to know if it works for you! I’m still debating what I’d like to use my gift card on. Any ride-or-die products I need to try?

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