Month: September 2013


Topshop moto vest, Urban Outfitters skirt, Aldo booties, Forever 21 bag, Forever 21 necklace, Nars Schiap lipstick When invited to a “fashion” event, I usually struggle with what to wear. My style is unique, and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but that’s not to say that I am always confident with my wardrobe choices. Some of the women at… Read more →


During Fashion Week, I was invited to 15, the opening reception for a series of Tyra Banks photographs by Udo Spreitzenbarth. Fifteen is “the age Tyra Banks began her modeling career” and “the number of supermodels Banks is transformed into in this tribute gallery event”. Tyra spoke briefly about her claim to fame: her large forehead. She mentioned that it… Read more →

a celebration

(Note to self: don’t light a sparkler alone in your apartment. It still smells like fire in here.) Can anyone guess what today is? Yes, that’s right folks. It’s The Pixie Wizard’s first birthday! One year ago today, with the help of some amazing friends, I launched this blog. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and I… Read more →

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