Month: May 2013

fifty shades of blue

It’s been about a year now that I’ve had blue streaks in my hair. And I’m completely addicted. The one comment I get most often is from girls who want to add a fun color to their ‘do but wouldn’t be able to get away with it at work. Luckily my day job is pretty lenient about appearance. I think… Read more →


Doing work on the weekends? No fun. Using pretty pens to do the work? Way fun. Trying out some new Nars blush colors. No, I don’t naturally have that rosy glow. Thank you, Maria, for the sweet gift! You know me so very well. Blogging, researching and planning! If I spend any more time in Piperlime’s fitting rooms, I will… Read more →

droppin’ rhymes

Kid Dangerous t-shirt, One Teaspoon shorts, Forever 21 booties, ASOS rings, Pop Beauty Flamingo Hollar nail polish I got this shirt in LA years ago and lately, it has become my go-to top. I where it everywhere and for every occasion. I even painted in it last summer! Oh yes, I not only paint my nails but I also paint… Read more →

when in doubt

Forever 21 denim shirt, Piko 1988 floral top, H&M shorts, Steve Madden combat boots, Urban Outfitters cross necklace, Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish Again, taking a summer outfit and making it appropriate for a balmy day in May. When in doubt, I throw my denim shirt over it! This also goes for messes in my apartment, pants I just… Read more →

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