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I’m not a blogger… or am I? One year, 160 French lessons and countless cups of coffee later… I’m ready to go. Paris, here I come! I live for coffee and a good book. The longer my nails get, the more typos I make. xoxo, Gossip Girl White hot. Clubbing on a Wednesday? Only in NYC. Put a little Cha… Read more →


What do you mean it’s not a word?!?! Spring break style. The view from my morning walks at home in Chicago. Cinco de Mayo. Because… free cone day. Ironically, I saw Justin right in front of this billboard on a recent Friday night. Whether it was pre or post-face tattoo, I’m not sure. BAE at her bachelorette bash. I’m going… Read more →


Have ball, will travel. We didn’t plan this. My idea of a Sunday funday. Champagne in a can. Keepin’ it classy. I just turned myself into a Peanuts character. Mind blown. Catch me if you can. You can find me here… in the escape room. Beyond. Five locations. Five days. Eight classes. WHAT. Night at the (Whitney) museum. When you’re… Read more →

skating forward

These kicks are no longer available but I’m loving these, these, and these! Hello, world! It’s been a while, huh? I’ve decided to become a pro-skateboarder, which is the reason for my absence from the blogging world. JUST KIDDING! I spent most of August cleaning, purging and packing up my little apartment in NYC and moving to Soho. It felt… Read more →

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