take two

DSC08056 DSC08062 DSC08109 DSC08122 DSC08143DSC08069

Forever 21 t-shirt, H&M skirt, Topshop booties, Zara Geometric ToteForever 21 hat, Topshop tights

On a not-so-recent Saturday, I put myself together and ventured into Greenwich Village to take these pictures. I was excited because the weather was cooperative and this is one of my go-to outfits. My excitement quickly faded when I found out that my camera battery was dead. I was SO annoyed. I’m usually good about these things (I rarely let my phone/laptop/iPad/kindle/robot die for lack of charging it.) Who knows how that first shoot would have turned out, but I’m pretty pleased with these snapshots. Okay, I gotta go charge my laptop now.


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