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I work out about five times a week. It’s been my saving grace when trying to deal with an extremely stressful job and has helped me to stay active and fit. And while I would love to be head-to-toe in the latest lululemon trends, it’s just not financially nor practically feasible. Since most of my workout wear ends up sweaty and in the hamper, I need quantity over quality. Lately, I’ve been really impressed with Forever 21’s Activewear line, which seems to be growing every time I visit one of their locations. Keep reading to see some of my favorites from their collection!

d870131a987902c665c94ee02b901744Abstract Print Tank

More often than not, by the time I leave a cardio class, I have tied a knot in my workout top because I’m sweaty and it just gets in the way. This tank has drawstrings on both sides which will alleviate that problem.

381003ccdfeb406a58049de9896b9d46Stop Staring Muscle Tee

I have a Brandy Melville tank that reads, “I Hate Everyone” and I swear I get more comments on that at the gym than anything else I wear. I’m a big believer in making exercise fun and laughing at yourself along the way. With this tank, you can definitely have a good time!

138a77ac3f06ac8c7291c8f2189df1e4Seamless Workout Tank

If you want a form-fitting tank, this one is for you! It comes in an array of colors and is less than $11. You could buy four or five of them for the price of one lululemon tank.

41f0f420bbcf21ea29f771dffaaf66a6Burnout Tank

You wear cute bras for a reason. Show ’em off with this tank. Plus, since most of my tops are drenched in the back post-workout, this will help keep you dry. Drier, I mean.

8f8042a4a5b8e1d3e8f1029f055802b7Caged-Back Sports Bra

Speaking of bras, this one has a very cool back and has adjustable straps. All of Forever 21’s sports bras are marked with various impact/support levels. So whether you’re doing yoga or HIIT, you’re sure to find a bra for your needs.

a83a19da0739d21efb18c3dad91dc967Crisscross Yoga Bra

This bra is adorable. Can I say that about a bra? Well I guess I just did.

12823af98c4fc1f624987d3b653c03f6Twist-Front Heathered Pullover

This pullover is perfect to wear before and after a pilates or barre class. Because you need to look cute going into and leaving the gym. Celebrity-status.

38f530dd658bca10a7b7ea715913e08fLaser-Cut Athletic Top

Another option, post-gym style, is this top. Wear a bright-colored sports bra and/or tank underneath and you’re brunch-ready.

ce250d5331ca58d9144ace5e5b319e36Heathered Mesh-Paneled Capri Leggings

I think that sexiness is all about showing off just a little bit of skin but then leaving the rest up to the imagination. “What’s she hiding under those pants? Oh, it’s just her kneecaps.” All kidding aside, I have these pants and they’re great. One of my favorites.

eba0c118f5c9e2e7f7b65a793c58c4a5Colorblocked Athletic Capri Leggings

If you’re not a fan of neon, go get some help. Just kidding! These are the perfect pair of leggings for you. You can wear these with black, white or navy. Throw a baseball cap on and you’re Sporty Spice.

72c1527bca45edd6b6be9c82c30b0305High Tech Side-Pocket Leggings

I love the side-stitching all the way down the length of these pants. There’s also a pocket on the side which looks like it will fit your iPhone. Unless you have a 6+. That thing won’t fit anywhere.

And that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. Happy running/spinning/dancing/jumping/whatevering!

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