11334647_394089690787502_1836847861_nA birthday card I got for a friend. The best mantra, no?

11098287_977391355625960_448482435_nComfy look for a mid-day coffee run.

11379735_491336377697605_1992268968_nYou don’t have to tell me twice.

11376396_449693051874553_1893246281_nCasual work days are the BEST. Bomber jacket found here.

11379238_423886681145801_1816581427_nWorkout done and coffee bought. All before 7am. Workout pants found here.

11330530_1607756499466425_1122845090_nLife goals. (Fun fact: Jessica Alba liked this pic on IG!)


The one thing that improves with age? Apparently it’s my eyesight. Guess it’s time for new glasses.

11374610_1601054093491395_1385197522_nSun-kissed. Sunglasses found here and lip balm found here.

11266719_980582018640259_1554177309_nWhen life gets messy, throw a filter on it.

11311227_819802524768010_816902196_nThe only mice I would like to see in my apartment.

11372396_378908785644725_1361193027_nMeet my new boyfriend. Ummm… Meet my new boyfriend shorts.

11374808_405217823011050_493673611_nMy new home.

11378649_1465861313729032_1622552955_nNo excuses. None.

11371988_861507027263030_2028075723_nStatement necklace Monday. That’s a thing, right?

11426654_438524462994789_2029252060_nThe best way to start a busy day is to have a little quiet time.


Head over to my Instagram to see more (@thepixiewizard). You can also see the actual video from the last pic. It will rock your world, guaranteed.

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