11334503_1590399011226573_348212159_nBecause it was the weekend. And I had done a double at the gym that morning.

11187115_816860598408244_2105945996_nI was already dreaming of the weekend.

1742948_1629524100626721_1398661277_nWhen you work on a Saturday morning, you psych yourself up with bright lipstick and your Snoopy shirt.

11357619_1421340348189323_240455359_nWhat do you do when you have a no good, very bad day? You make a care package for someone in need.

11352043_1040288959322588_1319228410_nHope you all had a happy Memorial Day!

11243768_455275974634065_1586422157_nHi. My name is Jeanne. I’m a Scorpio and according to this list, I’m screwed.

11324335_998379473506656_1726250418_nTuesday vibes.


11273089_1025549087485436_1616476521_nThere are a few things that I ALWAYS carry with me: my blog cards and Theresa’s cards. Because strangers always ask who does my hair.

11241364_1586330428297977_2054996902_nI was out on a Thursday night with the most amazing date: myself. #yolo

11273054_792349187527577_1367903141_nSorry not sorry.

11326317_1440494926269019_2060577030_nHump day (complete with freckles).

11117161_1563797763870842_95190586_nFound my new fave lipstick, thanks to a gorgeous girl with my namesake!

11098656_870151466356812_243669039_nKeep going, no matter what.

11189792_823610697676312_133843777_nSleek hair on fleek.

11208368_997932396886030_1175717610_nAlways working for the weekend. (My fave pens found here.)

11203399_463932327094940_468231364_nThis is what spring means to me. From top to bottom: YSL’s Rouge Volupté #10, Lorac’s Show Girl, Revlon’s Orange Flip, MAC’s Candy Yum Yum and Morange.

And there you have it! My latest Instagram roundup. Follow along @thepixiewizard for daily updates!

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