10963844_1551539138436378_2035189537_nA much needed weekend in LA.

10554266_436215033201104_1151922501_nNo filter necessary when I’m standing next to this gorgeous gal.

10945272_1410998635865005_444045678_nMissing Cali… And this view.

10954645_724072871024401_2092942673_nSummer bodies are made in the winter.

10958585_336817536522156_1084567407_nA morning well spent.

10986290_1633939540168158_1622671412_nThere’s nothing better than family. So thankful to have spent the week with mine.

10953623_1557893991156857_1011309581_nA shadowy Saturday night selfie before going to see my dear friend Maria.

11005037_319052234960672_814854491_nSoul searching with Brooke Fraser.

11018365_1687699964790542_271966446_nBecause sometimes it’s fun to put your face on… Even if you’re just gonna sit around the apartment.

11018569_1547540082172638_399495288_nWhen the winter blues get you down, wear the brightest colors possible.

10953735_582033088599219_871454445_nThey’re talking about me, right?

928624_792211690827310_821498683_nJFK, you’ve done it again.

10990643_338007223060982_1773021154_nI let my clothes do the talking for me.

10955851_618856571549386_1543037188_nWhen life gives you lemons, you go and get your hair done.

1799637_636882283121942_1283329602_nBrow goals.

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