10576040_701420169913152_1565456752_nMessy fishtail braid.

10598541_1491308074458026_836983359_nA Sunday night selfie.

10601720_1465432703709056_2025536715_nLoving this Essie nail polish combo (limo-scene + bikini so teeny).

10693588_1461219814167242_487218419_nJust because.

10731427_720750157994956_141312823_nTrying out the Kylie Jenner lip look. Stay tuned for a tutorial!

1208358_900042900007643_9760341_nWork session at my new favorite cafe.

10684097_598219140288806_2068715465_nRooftop drinks with my bestie were necessary after a tough work week.

10598730_954599987888960_1099735513_nThe first time my hair has been all black in years.

10616302_949992808359978_1809853132_nWorked on a really fun DIY for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. More pictures coming soon!

10693270_828921607126775_917087618_nGosh I love me some sweet talk.

10598217_1489841984587090_641483782_nPretty Little Liars! Rewatched the entire series this summer. Keyboard cover found here.

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