075486b6bd0611e398ce0002c9d75b4c_8Girly glam on a chill Saturday afternoon.

ea7c758cb24f11e3a19412223bf7b269_8Look who was on top of my cab! Ryan Serhant (@ryan_serhant), you’ve officially reached gangsta status.

370e1e10b49311e3887b12b2048ab8f0_8I. Can’t. Stop. Listening.

1660323_1470011819883585_252778631_nFriday, we made it! (This was a few Fridays ago.)

4843d5f6b29c11e3a4bc0eb6ae64b7ab_8Floral on floral on a chilly spring morning.

d9266a60af0a11e389f2120d7cb9e7a8_8After one of the worst work days… thankful for besties.

10005639_614214172001839_1095711553_nWicked cold and exhaustion meant that it was a Saturday night in for this wizard.

c877a1daabe411e391180ed4ff970c93_8Things are about to get craaaaazy.


10004342_223510347849393_794917622_nSuper excited about my first rag & bone (@rag_bone) purchase!

A LONG overdue pixiegram post. Follow me here: @thepixiewizard.

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