b19e3ac435af11e3954322000ae80d8d_8Look what I found in my mailbox at work! This is better than a raise. Seriously.

a6af599033b111e39dd822000a1ddafb_8A punk rock fascinator. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Topshop.

561511f6351811e3882622000a1f985d_8I wonder if this will fit in my apartment…

af17f0c038e711e3bbc022000a9f1945_8If I didn’t already belong to a gym, I would go to SoulCycle… just for the cute yellow bikes.

8660785c338b11e3911522000a9e087e_8Alice and Olivia display at Bloomies.

0de304ee338111e3bcee22000aaa0a82_8I need this French Connection dress in my life.

1c0b91fe346b11e3b4c422000aeb2179_8Gelato for dessert is always a good idea.

bf11b60839ca11e3a8c922000a1fc80c_8My Sunday funday consists of blue nail polish, blueberry ale and a good book!

c07388e433af11e3a3f622000ae9143c_8Super cute way to decorate!

91d2046832db11e3b88d22000a1fd1dd_8Loving the living room set up at Yumi Kim.

cfb614202fbd11e3a7f322000a1f9a55_8A recent outfit. Minus the earmuffs. But I thought it would’ve been a cute addition!

e3c30c3c2ef711e38c7c22000a1fb876_8Coffee. The only thing that’s getting me through my days.

f969661a322811e3829f22000ae9027d_8A good cheeseburger cures everything. From a cold to a broken heart.

bc158dc62ef811e38e5d22000a1f979a_8My attempt at the cat eye. I think it looks more like a tadpole but whatever.

65b4ecec315a11e3bfae22000a9e0782_8Want to win this so badly.


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