sticky nails

DSC02351My friend Aliceyn, cousin Joyce and I made a Target run in SF a few weeks ago. Our goal? Nail stickers. We each got stickers that matched our respective personalities. I think mine are very pixie wizardish, don’t you?

DSC02353My nail kit consisted of the following: 28 nail stickers and a small file.

DSC02357They are made intentionally long to fit all nail lengths. I like to rock short nails so I can save the excess for another use.

DSC02359My cousin helped me with mine. How cute are her leopard print stickers?

DSC02361Cut down to size.

DSC02366Use another finger to press the excess over the nail. This will be filed off in a minute.

DSC02374When filing off the excess, be sure to file downward, not sideways. (Do you see my pajama pants in the background? Oops.)

DSC02385The finished product. Super cute.

There you have it! A no-mess approach to fun nails. Check out some of my fave patterns here, here, and here.

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