fifty shades of blue

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It’s been about a year now that I’ve had blue streaks in my hair. And I’m completely addicted. The one comment I get most often is from girls who want to add a fun color to their ‘do but wouldn’t be able to get away with it at work. Luckily my day job is pretty lenient about appearance. I think this is why I tend to test the boundaries (respectfully, of course) when it comes to my clothes and now, my hair. For those who are wanting to change it up for the summer, there are some temporary options.

05192013090044Free People sells this hair chalk in a variety of colors. It reminds me of Cray-Pas from my childhood!

48870201-03 48870201-04 48870201-01 48870201-02-1These fun colors are from Forever 21.

I’ve read many reviews that say that hair chalk can get a bit messy so be prepared!

If you live in NYC and are wanting to take the leap and do the real thing, I would recommend going to Theresa at Dop Dop. She’s amazing, beautiful, funny and TALENTED. I trust her with my hair and she makes me look good every. single. time.

What are your thoughts on the colored hair trend? Will you be trying it this summer?

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