pixiegram midi ringsFound the cutest midi rings! Just hope they don’t turn my fingers green.

f0b6f852ac8611e28b9f22000a9e0708_7I. Need. This. Skateboard.

7e3e46f4ac8611e29ca422000a1fb149_7One of my go-to meals in the city.

90a34c54aa9c11e2a82422000a9e07ae_7First I did yoga. Then I ate this. Oops.

fb649410aa9e11e2b59422000a9f13f8_7How adorable are these paperclips?

0f01e2e6aa9c11e2939222000a9f1385_7What I wore to a friend’s wedding in Brooklyn last weekend.

6403d5d6aa9e11e2ba8122000a1f9262_7Boyfriend jeans + wedge kicks

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