162d97ce5cf711e299af22000a9e29bc_7Interesting wall display at the J.Crew on 5th Avenue.

5949a5805c6511e2b45222000a1f97b0_7Strangest/funniest gift I’ve ever received!

d5f63e88555611e28c4722000a9f1966_7Cannot wait to start reading this.

72b7f5345b9411e2a73f22000a9e28ad_7Essie’s Mint Candy Apple + glitter = amazingness.

27e953f454aa11e2b9d422000a1fa429_7This cobalt blue nail polish is too fun.

b7abe264554411e28b9422000a1f8af5_7Oh Sephora… why can’t I quit you?

2594b9b65d1c11e2831222000a9e08e7_7Trying out the milkmaid braids.

0310f700585911e293a222000a1fb70a_7Hanging out at The Jane with my girl B. How gorgeous is she?

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