Month: May 2013

la cucaracha

Brandy Melville shirt, BLANKNYC boyfriend jeans, Ash kicks, Urban Outfitters glasses, DIY/Ruby and Jenna/Urban Outfitters bracelets,¬†Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish These boyfriend jeans are my go-to denim choice lately. They are so forgiving and easy. The best part? If you accidentally tear one of the holes even more with your foot when putting them on, it doesn’t matter! Not… Read more →


I saw a teenager wearing the coolest Adidas kicks and just had to take a picture. I kinda want a pair. I rarely pamper myself but when someone buys me sweet gifts, I won’t refuse! Saw this on my walk home. Always look up (and left and right when crossing the street). Oh hey, bluejeans! I feel totally justified to… Read more →

prada + the great gatsby

I got stuck in a torrential downpour of rain on Saturday afternoon. Soaked and miserable, I found solace at the Prada store in Soho. And all of a sudden, the sun came out and the birds started singing (okay, not really). I had found pure bliss. The dresses that Miuccia Prada designed for The Great Gatsby film were on display!… Read more →

i got it from my mama

My mom has been my best friend since I was a little girl. We even had a secret sign/gesture that reminded us of our friendship. Fast forward a few decades, and we live thousands of miles away from each other. Though we speak over the phone every day, I can’t help but miss her when I am out and about… Read more →

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