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rainy day hearts

alskdjflaksdf jlaksjdkflnoname (4)noname (3) alksdfjlkaZara top, J.Brand jeans, Dolce Vita over-the-knee boots, Rebecca Minkoff Waverly bag, Essie Chinchilly nail polish

The next couple of¬†posts will be a few months old (I know, I’m behind) so don’t think I keep changing my hair color. Even though I do get bored easily, my hair is still purple.

My friend Lauren and I decided to grab brunch at one of my favorite local spots and then take pictures. Of course, we picked the coldest and rainiest day in January to do so.¬†Between puddle-jumping and car-dodging, we managed to snap some pics, catch up and have a few laughs. I’m so thankful for like-minded friends!

Photos by Lauren

it’s totally a thing

julianne-hough-comp amber-rose-comp hilary-comp gallery_nrm_1422030153-nicole-richie audrinaImages via

IMG_7022Forever 21 denim shirt, Nars Schiap lipstick, Unicorn hair (thanks, Theresa!)

It seems that quite a few celebrities are jumping on the bright-color bandwagon. I’m not saying I started the trend but… let’s leave it at that.

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birthday suit

DSC06354 DSC06373 DSC06351 DSC06357 DSC06366Forever 21 blazer, loafers and hat, Target t-shirt, Free People skinny jeans, vintage necklace, MAC Heroine lipstick

I really don’t like birthdays. Wait, correction: I don’t like my birthday. I feel very uncomfortable with attention, which I know seems crazy because I have a blog but it’s different. Trust me, it’s so different.

Back in November, I celebrated a milestone birthday. I really didn’t want to celebrate, so I ran away to California for the weekend. And it was amazing. No fuss, no big celebration. Just family and a very close friend, some wine, and lots of love and laughter. It was the best way to celebrate another year of life.

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