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fall for color

DSC06132MAC Heroine and Rebel

DSC06134 DSC06141 DSC06168 DSC06189 DSC06209

Since the weather is getting colder, I guess it’s time to put away my neon lipsticks. Luckily, MAC has come out with some rich fall colors, which doesn’t make me as sad about waiting until spring to bust out my hot pinks.

(Side note: in the few minutes I was in the courtyard of my apartment taking these pictures, everyone who lived in the building decided to come out there. So now I’m known as the creep who takes selfies. Whatever. It’s not like they know where I live. Oh wait…)


DSC06023DSC06033 DSC06026 DSC06028 DSC06030 DSC06036 DSC06050Spiritual Gangster muscle tee, rag & bone skinny jeans, Forever 21 oxfords and necklace, Brandy Melville hat, Nars Schiap lipstick

I have a surplus of workout gear in my closet. My collection is large enough that I could work out for ten straight days (which I don’t do) and not have to do laundry. So when I realized I had credit at the Equinox store that was about to expire, I headed over to the Soho location, not expecting to find anything. Lucky for me, I found this muscle tee and have been wearing it nonstop. I’m that obsessed. Now if I could only be as obsessed with working out…

cheaper than injections

kylie-jenner-summer-music-fest-lookImage via Glam Radar.

The verdict is still out about whether or not Kylie Jenner had lip injections. To each her own, but what I was more concerned with was how to get that look. I looked to makeup guru Kandee Johnson for a simple yet useful tutorial.

DSC06095I used these products to prep my lips for this look. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish is a great exfoliant and their Sugar Lip Serum helps give you that fake injections look.

DSC06096The two lip liners I used were MAC’s Soar and Make Up For Ever’s 5C.

DSC06113 DSC06118 DSC06119 DSC06127 DSC06129The finished look. I hope you liked this tutorial! Kisses!


10576040_701420169913152_1565456752_nMessy fishtail braid.

10598541_1491308074458026_836983359_nA Sunday night selfie.

10601720_1465432703709056_2025536715_nLoving this Essie nail polish combo (limo-scene + bikini so teeny).

10693588_1461219814167242_487218419_nJust because.

10731427_720750157994956_141312823_nTrying out the Kylie Jenner lip look. Stay tuned for a tutorial!

1208358_900042900007643_9760341_nWork session at my new favorite cafe.

10684097_598219140288806_2068715465_nRooftop drinks with my bestie were necessary after a tough work week.

10598730_954599987888960_1099735513_nThe first time my hair has been all black in years.

10616302_949992808359978_1809853132_nWorked on a really fun DIY for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. More pictures coming soon!

10693270_828921607126775_917087618_nGosh I love me some sweet talk.

10598217_1489841984587090_641483782_nPretty Little Liars! Rewatched the entire series this summer. Keyboard cover found here.

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