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DSC06453A cheesy selfie with my new Polaroid Instax! Love this thing.

DSC06460My three favorite hair products. Links below! Urban Outfitters rug and deer.

Okay, folks. Let’s get real. When it comes to my haircut and color, Theresa is my main gal. I usually go to see her every six weeks and my hair thanks me for it. That said, it takes two to tango. I need to keep my hair healthy and well-maintained between visits to the hair genius. These are the three products (and steps) I cannot live without.

Step One: Immediately post-shower, I spray my hair with this. My cousin gave me this leave-in treatment a while back and I loved it some much that I’ve since replenished my supply. It’s a 10? More like a million. This stuff works. Use it on clean, damp, towel-dried hair.

Step Two: After I’ve given my hair some time to dry (I try to avoid using a hairdryer whenever possible) but it’s still a bit damp, I use this. If you use any type of heat (blowdryer, flat-iron, curling wand), you NEED to protect your hair. You wouldn’t go to the beach without SPF, would you?

Step Three: I usually spray this the morning after I’ve washed and styled my hair. And sometimes in the afternoon. Okay, I use it all the time. It’s a great alternative to dry shampoo, which doesn’t always work on me because most of brands turn my hair white. (Black/blue-green/white combo doesn’t work very well for me.) It gives my slightly curled hair some texture and keeps it from looking too finished or polished.

Don’t forget to use a shampoo for color-treated hair if your locks are dyed! So… what are your must-have hair products? I’d love to know!

hippie chic


On a cold and rainy day back in December, I spotted this blazer in the window of Haute Hippie in Soho. Dripping blue hair and all, I went in to see how much it was. I almost fainted when the sales associate told me it was almost $1,000. Completely dejected, I went home and forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when I went on the Nordstrom site over the weekend and found that it is now 60% off! Plus, I had a gift card and some birthday money so I basically paid NOTHING. How often does that happen?!?!?


10848388_613310015481486_49563533_nMy new favorite necklaces.

10838324_380152545494742_1144900976_nHello, beautiful.

10890689_314435752090211_427335917_nThe view during my morning run in Chicago.

10832098_603378039787586_946786520_nThere’s nothing better than a new book. And a cute little monkey bookmark, of course.

1799659_787904854590576_1369594854_nTook advantage of some crazy sales at Zara!

10881949_411394302350592_466226435_nThe cutest, chicest little camera I ever did see!

10864761_1527060050905693_1209698489_nCompletely obsessed with this scent.

10859958_586262748185792_963208832_nNot feeling the love right now.

Use that new iPhone (you know, the one the size of your face) to follow along!


the lob

IMG_5914Not pictured: inches and inches of scary green hair.




IMG_6097Obligatory post-dye + blowout bathroom selfie.

After a million and one at-home dye jobs, my hair was extremely damaged and green. And not the good kind of green. I knew I wanted a change and I knew it needed to be drastic. So I visited my go-to gal (thanks Theresa!) and the rest is history.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this article on The Beauty Department that I realized there was a name for this hairstyle. It’s a lob, folks!

Since then, it seems like everywhere I look, girls are going shorter with their ‘dos. I’m not really into trends… but this one isn’t so bad.

Here are a few of my favorites:

102814-lauren-conrad-594 042214-the-new-lob-594 052311-Elizabeth-400 Best-Celebrity-Looks-Short-Wavy-Hair-2014 Chrissy-TeigenImages from InStyle and POPSUGAR


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